European Youth Sport Forum represents the avenue for the largest exchange among youth in sports, with set of recommendations and actions put forward by youth to address policies, policy makers and key actors within sports and youth. Since 2002, EYSF provides the space for active youth participation and engagement, where Youth Voices are raised to be heard and considered. 


The European Youth Sport Forum 2017 (#EYSF2017) gathered 120 young leaders in the youth and sport sector from across Europe. The Forum took place in Malta, from 10th to 13th March, under the support of Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Participants, aged 18-35, were selected to exchange ideas and practices, and to develop a set of recommendations and actions on the topics of healthy lifestyle, social inclusion and volunteering, and sport diplomacy. 

EYSF2017 recommendations coming from the youth will be further used as the outcome and input for decision makers and agendas. It will further serve as a contribution of active youth civic engagement within European Agenda 2020 and Global Agenda 2030.


"Pink Paper"declaration consists of the participants’ recommendations and it has been designed to assist stakeholders within the youth and sport sectors in initializing and carrying on their decision-making processes and meaningful actions. 

You can download Pink Paper from EYSF 2017 here.

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