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Committee 2019-2021

Ugne Chmeliauskaite - chair | Lithuania

Filip Filipic - vice chair | Serbia

Lovisa Broms | Sweden

Ivana Pranjic | Austria 

Iva Glibo | Croatia 

Kirsten Hasenpusch | Germany

Marianna Cardoso | Portugal

Titouan Martin Barré | France

Anett Fodor | Hungary


Matej Manevski, Policy and Projects Manager

​Polona Fonda, Communication Officer

ENGSO Youth is the independent youth body of the European Sports NGO (ENGSO).  ENGSO Youth focuses on the youth sport-for-all sector in Europe and represents young Europeans under the age of 35 in sports in 34 countries.

Since 2002, we have been at the forefront of youth sport advocacy at European level. ENGSO Youth actively works on current youth sport issues (equal opportunities, fair play, fight against discrimination and doping, healthy lifestyle, social inclusion, sustainable development, volunteering, youth employment) with its member organisations (National Sport Confederations or National Olympic Committees), European institutions and partners from civil society.


We involve a growing number of young Europeans and organisations in our work to develop ENGSO Youth capacities in more European regions, foster cross-sector cooperation, and develop projects with long-lasting, multiplying and self-perpetuating effects on current youth sport issues to leave a lasting legacy.

ENGSO Youth strategy
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The Youth Organisation of The European Non Governmental Sports Organisation
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The rules of ENGSO Youth and ENGSO are presented in ENGSO Statutes.
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European Sports NGO (ENGSO) is a European sport NGO, the leading voice of voluntary sports organisations in Europe, advocating for sport-related topics to European decision-makers. It is a not for profit organisation, promoting the interest of its member organisations, which are National Sport Confederations and National Olympic Committees from more than 30 European countries.

ENGSO builds bridges among different stakeholders dealing with grassroots sport activities in order to:

  • provide a platform for exchange of knowledge and information;

  • discuss and lobby on current sport political issues;

  • seek common positions on sports issues and publicise these positions;

  • strengthen the co-operation with other sport bodies;

  • contribute to intergovernmental sports co-operation, and represent the principal non-governmental organisation position within other European sports related meetings;

  • develop and support ENGSO Youth.

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