• JOIN European Partnership: Sport Employs YOUrope!

    All around Europe, countries are worried when it comes to youth employability. As top priority to securing a positive future for young people, ENGSO Youth with partners are creating the FORCE to combat youth unemployment #SEYouth   ENGSO Youth initiated creation of a strong pool of... [read more]

  • ENGSO Youth committee welcomed in Oslo for the first time

    NOC of Norway hosted 7th committee meeting where further strategies have been discussed   ENGSO Youth committee members once again met up to plan, develop and level-up activities, networks and strategies of youth in sport for 2015 and beyond. Overview on partnerships, opportunities and... [read more]

  • Safer, better, stronger! Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Abuse - catalog of initiatives

    The project’s central aim is to sensitise and raise awareness about the prevention of sexualised violence on all levels of the European sports environment. The project fosters networking and exchange of experiences in a sustainable manner through compiling a catalogue of ‘good-practice’... [read more]

  • YOUth can open doors to all abilities through sport - publication online

    Through creativity, adaptation and a thorough analysis of the situation, young leaders can develop methods to overcome hurdles and ensure an empowering positive experience for young disabled participants.    This publication was envisaged as a response to the many barriers young sports... [read more]

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  As the national advocates for children and youth sport in our countries we are responsible for the education of children and young people that are organised in sport. We share this responsibility with coaches, trainers and leaders that work in federations and clubs. We provide children and young people with opportunities to acquire basic sport skills, to practise sport, to participate in...
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